Ashamed of your geekish tendencies? Fear not. With the help of Geek and Spell you will still be able to keep abreast of every day geekery whilst maintaining that thin veneer of normalcy.

Nobody need ever know…

Here at Geek & Spell we love to get our geek on.  What does this mean to you?  Well, we spend a large amount of time listening to music, watching films/TV/DVDs, reading books and playing games.  The result of frittering away all of this time is that we have a pretty good knowledge of what we were glad we spent time on and what we wish could get part of our lives refunded from.

We are kind souls and we wouldn’t want you to waste your lives in the same way that we have. This means that if we talk about it on here then it’s probably worth you having a look at it.  It might not be to your particular taste but we like to think that we can spot quality.  So even if it’s not your thing you can rest assured that it will be of a high standard within it’s field.

We’d like you to view us as your own geeky friend who knows a lot about music, books, films, tv and games.  Most of our friends and family do and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.  We know that your free time is valuable. When you know that you’ve got some free time coming up and you’re not sure how to fill it come and visit us and peruse our pages and you should find something to disappear into for as long as you need to.

Join us and wave your geek flag high.


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