Police + Magic + Murders = A jolly good read.

Peter Grant, the central character of this book, is in the Metropolitan Police. He also discovers that he has a very rare talent for magic. Weird, right? Well, more weird is that The Met has a specialist division for wizards.

The obvious comparison is Harry Potter (character moves from normality into weird world of magic) but don’t expect to be transported into world of overt other-ness by this book.  Mr Aaronovitch is far more concerned with bringing the oddness smack bang into our normal lives.  This has the effect of making it seem even more strange. Across the course of the book you can expect to encounter magic, ghosts, weird creatures and a whole host of other strangeness that I won’t reveal here.  This is a murder mys

The plot clips along at a pleasing pace. The characters are nicely defined. If you live in London you’ll find it quite pleasing that you know all of the places and landmarks detailed within the pages here. There are some pretty gruesome moments that seem a tad unnecessary to begin with but do make sense eventually.

It’s a clever book with a sharp sense of humour and some cracking ideas. If you like magic and you like detective stories there’s a very high probability that you’ll like this.

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