FANBOYS Saturday 24 December, 2011

We all love Star Wars. Do we love it this much though?

Fanboys is a road movie. It’s kind of like Pegg & Frost’s ‘Paul’ except all of the jokes are about Star Wars or Star Trek. It centres around a group of hardcore Star Wars nerds who decide to drive thousands of miles to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal a copy of Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Obviously we all, now know that they should probably not have bothered but the film is set prior to the release of the film. Along the way they get into all kinds of ‘hilarious’ scrapes (including a running fight with a collective of Trekkies…yes, I’m aware that Star Trek fans prefer to be referred to as Trekkers) and learn to be friends etc.

Early on in the film I decided that I was going to hate it. This is largely due to the ‘zany’ antics of Dan Fogler. He’s just not very funny. I saw him in Balls of Fury and realised that he must be on some strong antibiotics which kill the bacteria which make people funny. They’re an effective defence against hilarity although they have a nasty side effect of annoying the shit out of anybody watching you.

You’ll be as surprised as me then to note that I actually quite enjoyed this film. Is it just because I’ve spent most of my life being a fan of Star Wars? Maybe. It’s more likely, though, to be because there are some fabulous cameo appearances to be seen here. Once again, as in everything that he’s in, Seth Rogen is great in the few small roles that he has here. Kristen Bell delivers a great performance although I’m not sure she’s really believable as a nerdy comic store employee.

There are lots of great in-jokes for Star Wars fans here and some memorable and unexpected appearances. You’ll need to get past the annoyance of Fogler and it’s probably a necessity to be a fan of Star Wars to really enjoy it. If you can and if you are then this proves to be a cheap and pleasantly amusing diversion for ninety minutes.

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