ATTACK THE BLOCK Saturday 07 January, 2012

Hug a hoodie? Not likely. This film shows you that they’ll be really useful if we get invaded by aliens though.

Attack The Block is Joe Cornish’s (yes, he of Adam & Joe fame) directorial debut. He was also one of the screenplay writers of the recent Tintin movie. He’s been a busy boy. Where his efforts worthwhile? In short yes.

Forgive me if I say that this film is not really anything that original. It’s not. It is, however, very well made, funny and thrilling. Most importantly of all though is that the film is quintessentially british. It is unapologetic in it’s british flavour but unlike a shitty Guy Ritchie movie. It’s real. Well, as real as an alien invasion movie can be. I’ll gladly forgive any of the failings of this movie just because it is a British film depicting British characters. What’s unusual is that it’s a British film that isn’t a harrowing melodrama or a dodgy gangster caper. I have no idea how Mr Cornish managed to fund this film but I hope it’s been successful enough for investors to realise that we’d like to watch films that relate to us.

The main bulk of the cast are young, black, teenagers (“tap the bottle and twist the cap”) and they are fantastic. Their speech is the authentic speech that most londoners will recognise from. Most pleasingly, no attempt has been made to dilute their speech patterns or accents. In that respect it’s like The Wire…for Stockwell. I’m not going to get into the politics of basing your film on the exploits of a cheeky bunch of muggers. That’s for other people to discuss.

This film looks great and the aliens are pretty cool. There is also genuine tension at various times throughout the film. The soundtrack is great and there are laughs to be had as well. If you don’t want to only watch films about America which have no relevance to your own way of life then it is your duty to support films like this by paying to watch them. Thank you Joe Cornish and keep up the good work.

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