HALF NELSON Thursday 10 November, 2011

Yes. It’s another Ryan Gosling film. Yes. It’s another good film.

We are all held in place, trapped if you like, by certain factors in our lives. Sometimes we happily submit to these captors sometimes we begrudgingly slide into these situations. Half Nelson studies these predicaments as viewed by a crackhead teacher and his young student (who happens to be the younger sister of a jailed drug dealer).

This film feels like a typical US indie. It’s got that same rhythm, the same kind of offbeat soundtrack, the same quirky characters and that familiar (by it’s absence) almost invisible directing style. Luckily for me I love US indie flicks.

Ryan Gosling turns in yet another decent performance. ┬áNobody gives blank face like Ryan. He has pretty much cornered the market on delivering an expression that would be grade A footage for some kuleshov style experimentation. He’s equally matched by his young co-star Shareeka Epps, who manages to turn in an equally subtle presentation of her complex character.

If you like films where stuff happens (like explosions and car chases and killings etc) then this is going to bore the tits off you but if you like films that require a little bit of comprehension then this will provide you with a couple of hours of hipster fun.

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  • Carrie says:

    An accurate and insightful review – with excellent use of the word tits.

    • geekspeller says:

      I’ll gladly take that praise but I have to ponder if there is a bad use of the word tits?

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