I LOVE YOU MAN Wednesday 18 January, 2012

Really very good despite the cover artwork and title making you think exactly the opposite.

I watched this by accident about a year ago. I loved it straight away. I only watched it because Paul Rudd is in it. I watched it on SKY movies which means that I only had the terrible title to contend with. Had I had the terrible cover artwork to contend with as well I might have given this film a massive swerve and never witnessed it’s brilliance. The cover artwork combined with the un-appealing title make it seem like some shoddy 80’s romantic comedy whereas it’s actually a fantastic romantic comedy from the 2000s.

Paul Rudd is joined (brilliantly) by Jason Segel and (equally brilliantly but far more beautifully) Rashida Jones (who is actually the daughter of, the legendary, Quincy Jones). The main premise is that Paul Rudd is marrying Rashida Jones. At a girls night at their place he overhears her friends telling her that the fact that he has no male friends is going to cause them problems. He then sets about finding a male friend. Enter Jason Segel and much hilarity. The comedy here comes from the interplay between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. They work brilliantly together and the dialogue, particularly Paul Rudd’s mis-stepping greetings, are wonderfully funny.

I’ve watched this film many times now and I still really like it. It’s interesting just how difficult it is to get people to watch the film. Just goes to show that we all do really judge the book and film by it’s cover. If you can swallow your (correctly) instinctive revulsion at the cover and the title you’re in for a treat that will keep you laughing even on successive viewings.

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