SPIRITED AWAY Friday 11 November, 2011

Like a cross between Alice In WonderJapan, a comfort blanket and a bedtime story.

For many of us Spirited Away would have been the first time we had come into contact with the (wonderful) work of Studio Ghibli. Some of you may have cottoned on after Princess Mononoke. Not me. Spirited Away was my first Ghibli and it blew my tiny mind.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that Spirited Away is achingly gorgeous. All of the artwork is beautiful. It really allows the viewer to fall, almost bodily, into this world. What a world it is too. The main bulk of the action revolves around a Japanese Bath House. This is not any ordinary bath house though. This is the bath house of the spirits and it is busy.

In much the same way as Alice falls from our world into a world of the strange the same fate befalls our heroine, Chihiro.  After finding a deserted and derelict them park she tumbles into the surreal world of the bath house and has to try and find her way to freedom.

Quite what is going on with the film will be hard to fathom at times but the journey is so enjoyable that it won’t matter all that much. You’ll be able to grasp the main and salient points.

The only negative thing that I can think of to say about this film is that having watched it you may well want to spend a significant amount of money on gathering a collection of Studio Ghibli films. Considering how much pleasure you’ll glean from them though that is really not such a bad thing.


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