STRANGER THAN FICTION Tuesday 04 October, 2011

You think you’ve got problems? Harold Crick is hearing a voice narrate his life!

Do you like Will Ferrell films? No? Well this is the film for you then.  This is a film that stars Will Ferrell but it is not a Will Ferrell film.  Maybe not an instantly recognisable distinction but one that will become apparent after watching the film.

Harold Crick is a man of routine and we follow his un-adventures as he attempts to come to terms with the realisation that his inner monologue is not his voice and that it knows more than him.

The concept of this film is very pleasing as is the manner of its execution.  The film looks great (the graphic design elements are slick and cool) and it’s beautifully paced.  It boasts some excellent performances from some heavy hitters of the acting world (Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson and…er…Queen Latifah…ahem).

This film is a romantic comedy.  Wait! Come back!  I’ve waited this long to point this out so that those of you who are put off by the thought of romantic comedies will give this one a chance.  It’s not the usual double ‘x’ chromosome fodder.  This is a romantic comedy that men can watch without wanting to rip their eyes out and then eat them so they can then vomit them.  There is a fair degree of intelligence at play here and Maggie Gyllenhall plays a romantic lead that actually has a bit more than a smile and a burning desire to get married.

For Arrested Development fans there is the added bonus of watching Tony Hale (Buster “Hey brother”) play…well, a slightly less freakish Buster.

Great looking, well acted, punchy script, genuinely moving, funny and well directed. A classic in waiting. Don’t go too long without putting it on your shelf.


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