THE BIG LEBOWSKI Wednesday 21 September, 2011

The film that takes genre strands and plays ker-plunk with them…to fantastic effect!

The Big Lebowski is a film that is so complex that I ver seriously considered writing about it for my dissertation.  The only thing that stopped me from doing so was that I (somewhat presciently) thought that there was a very real danger that I would never want to watch it again (I’ve still yet to pluck up the courage to watch Do The Right Thing again…and eight years have passed now!). That was a risk I was not willing to take. This is the film that is so achingly cool that it almost pushed me into studying film at university.  If I could have any choice of what I did for a living then it would be trying to make something as special as this film.

Most of you have probably already been witness to it’s splendour.  For those of you that haven’t, stop reading this and go and procure a copy now and then sit down and watch it.  Then wait a day or so for the bewilderment to subside and then watch it again and get ready to laugh a lot.

How to describe this film then?  Ostensibly it is a film about a bowling team. However it is also a detective film, a screwball comedy, a hippy film, a kidnap film, a love story, a buddy comedy and a film of it’s own genre.  I think perhaps that summary would probably have been a little bit more eloquent had I written my dissertation.  The point is that there is a hell of a lot going on in this film and a lot of is subtle enough to slip under the radar of observation on first viewing.

There are many magic moment in this film and it is dearly loved by its fans, so much so that it now has an annual festival in the states. I will just say the drop off and Hotel California. Lovely Stuff.

Jeff Bridges is simply amazing as El Duderino (I’m not into the whole brevity thing) and he is very well matched by John Goodman as Walter Sobchak.  Steve Buscemi also delivers a pretty special performance (with next no dialogue).

This is a gorgeous film, well acted, beautifully written, brilliant soundtrack and rightly loved by its army of fans.

The Dude abides.

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