THE GREEN HORNET Friday 21 October, 2011

Much maligned, overlooked and maybe not as great as the sum of it’s parts but still pretty good fun and lovely looking…a bit like me…hur hur hur.

A comic book film written by Seth Rogen, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltz and Cameron Diaz? If you’re a film nerd that has got to be a pant wettingly exciting prospect. I am. It was. To be honest you’d have to do something pretty spectacular to live up to the expectation that that roster generates. Alas, this film is not spectacular. It’s not dreadful though and if you’re a fan of Seth Rogen you’ll probably quite enjoy this.

Yes, some of the gags fall a smidge flat. It’s probably a little long too. However, this film is wonderfully playful. It really pokes fun at the concept of super heroes while showing an obvious affection. Seth Rogen and Jay Chou are pretty good together and their break up sex…sorry I meant to say fight…is hilarious.  I was very much put in mind of Sellers and Kwouk.

If I wanted to be really picky about this film I’d say it tried to cram too much in.  Cameron Diaz’s character appears to be a little pointless and most of the characters outside of The Hornet and Kato are paper thin.  What do you expect though? This film is called The Green Hornet. It’s not called The Story of Everybody that The Green Hornet Interacts With! So I can forgive that.

As you’d expect from Michel Gondry the film is gorgeous. It’s his first big mainstream Hollywood outing and he has clearly been significantly restrained.  That’s not to say that he hasn’t been allowed to employ his usual visual flair but this film is a polar opposite to Be Kind Rewind’s home-made aesthetic.  This is all about high tech wizardry.  You are kind of left wondering what the point of The Green Hornet is because Kato should be lord and ruler of the entire universe by al rights.

I think some of us expect our comic book hero films to be a little bit too realistic these days.  This film is silly but incredibly good fun…if you like Seth Rogen. It really does hang on that.  I think he’s very funny so I enjoyed it. If you’re not a fan or unfamiliar with him you might not feel the same.



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