ZOMBIELAND Thursday 27 October, 2011

Not a fan of Zombie films? Don’t worry. You don’t need to be to love this one.

Zombies have taken over the earth and our heroes need to get somewhere else. ┬áSo far so Romero. Wait though. This film is cool, funny and pretty gorgeous to look at and that’s before we take account of the fact that Emma Stone stars.

Jesse Eisenberg is our lone hero trying to make his way through the titular Zombieland. He’s not a typical hero. He’s a gawky college student. The only thing that he really has going for him is common sense heightened by terror.

I love the opening of this film. Great graphic design, beautiful photography, awesome music choice and a super sharp sense of humour. It’s gory, I admit but it’s making a point. It’s a film about Zombies so it can’t look like My Little Pony (although a zombie My Little Pony would be most excellent).

Given that this is director Ruben Fleischer’s first cinematic outing it is incredibly accomplished. You may have seen some his work before if you’ve ever seen the Michael Cera or Jimmy Kimmel episodes of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galafianakis (if you’ve not seen Between Two Ferns before you should stop reading this and go and do that now).

Great looking, brilliantly written, wonderfully performed and featuring a wonderful surprise for geeks this is a film you should make every effort to clap your eyes on as soon as possible.

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