HOME ALONE 2 Wednesday 07 December, 2011

More burglar bashing from that annoying little git.

The purpose of a sequel is to take all of the best things about the original and expand upon that so that you have an even better film than the original. Right? I think that’s what we all expect but it’s rare that the imagined promise is lived up to. I’m starting to think that maybe film studios are just cynically exploiting our desires for more of a good thing. Nah, they wouldn’t do that. All of those 6 Rocky films add something positive to the canon. With that in mind we have a sequel to the child-abandoning, burglar-bashing and rib-tickling Home Alone.

A wise man, in a vest, once pondered “How can the same shit happen to the say guy twice?!”. We’ve all wondered the same thing, haven’t we? Well folks, I have the answer. It can happen when a film studio is too lacking in confidence of their own work to make an original film. Instead it opts to make an existing film again but to suffix the title with “2”. That’s how.

For equally crappy reasons (batteries & parental neglect) as the first film, young Kevin McCallister finds himself separated from his parents at christmas.Only this time (and here’s the clever bit) he’s in New York on his own. Not at “Home”. It probably shouldn’t have been called Home Alone then but if it wasn’t all the stupid people might not be able to make the connection between the two films. The identical cast list and near identical plots, admittedly, are only subtle clues.

This film is largely pointless and slightly sullies the first film. That is not to say that it does not have it’s laughs. It does. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are both excellent again as the hapless burglars. Tim Curry is splendid as the pompous concierge and Rob Schneider is…well, he’s Rob Schneider. Look out for a creepy turn from Brenda Fricker as the Pigeon Lady.

The two films are near identical. This is at once a good thing and a very bad thing. The tricks and stunts that Kevin employs are the same as the first film which makes the second outing a little less entertaining because we’ve seen it before. The ticket desk girl is played by Ally Sheedy in this film and she gives the mother the same response that Hope Davis’ character did in the first film. There are so many similarities between the two films that I found myself really impatient for the slapstick this time around.

It’s amusing enough to be diverting but this is very much more of the same but not as exciting because we’ve already seen it all. Having said that there are very few films that do slapstick as well as the two Home Alone film and those sequences alone justify the watching.

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