NOTES: ELEANOR COPPOLA Saturday 15 October, 2011

Apocalypse Now is a special film. It has something unusual about it. The spark of madness in the film is uncanny. This book sheds light on why that might be.

Most ‘making of’ stories are boring. There I said it.  I’m as much of a film geek as the next man.  In fact, I’m probably more of a film geek than the next man but even I find the majority of those ‘making of’ DVD extras very dreary.  Apocalypse Now is a film who’s making of story is just as interesting as the actual film itself.

The making of Apocalypse Now is a story of financial, psychological and physical meltdown.  How lucky we are that Francis Ford Coppola chose his wife exceptionally well. While all around her were busy losing their minds, money, heartbeats and lives Eleanor Coppola kept a diary.  The wife of the director is privy to a lot of information that most of the crew would not have been so we are offered an all access pass to the set of this milestone in film making.

I’m a big fan of the film. I’d go as far as to say that it’s one of my very favourite films. To be able to find out so much more is a joy. This book means we now have another thing to thank Eleanor Coppola for (aside from her daughter)

As Eleanor Coppola was gracious enough to let us all read her diary I’d like to shake her by the hand some day but in lieu of doing that I’ll urge fans of the film to go and get a copy of this book you won’t be disappointed you did.

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