THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT Friday 06 January, 2012

Widely described as funny although not so widely that it will be by me.

I bought this film a long time ago. It’s one of the first Blu Ray discs I bought. Everybody raved about it upon it’s release. It took me a year to watch it. I could have waited longer.

This film is not a bad film. I don’t think it is deserving of all the hype though. It’s a pretty standard tale which is told in a conventional fashion. So why all the fuss? I think it might be because the family at the centre of the tale is headed by a lesbian couple. I suspect this is why it got all that oscar chatter. How brave and refreshing of the film makers to tell such an unconventional story. Perhaps. For me it’s more of a damning indictment of over-cautious film producers that such a standard film is viewed as fresh. This might be because I don’t find gay couples to be shocking or any more interesting than any other couple. If you take away that potential for intrigue you are left with a standard family drama.

Like I said, it’s not a bad film it’s just a very ordinary film. That people described it as funny is a little perplexing. It made me wonder what the minimum occurrence of laughter during a film is to call that film funny. Whatever the figure is this film is not passing muster on the ‘funny’ score.

One of the main problems with the film is that none of the characters are that likeable. They are all a bit smug and all a bit arsehole-esque. That makes it quite difficult to feel for them as they endure their various trials and tribulations. The way that Julianne Moore disposes of her one of her staff really pissed me off and made me think that she deserved all that she got.

If you can forgive the lack of laughs and the smug-arsehole quality of the characters you are left with a very good quality TV-movie melodrama. Which for me is not anywhere near what I had hoped for.

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