THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL Monday 21 November, 2011

Most of us have probably forgotten the simple child-like joy of The Muppets. Most of us probably shouldn’t have

The first, and most striking thing, you’ll notice when watching this film is how deeply rooted in your psyche all of these characters are. From the more obvious characters right down to the odd little monsters seem like long lost friends.

The second thing you’ll notice is how gorgeous this film is. It’s got the perfect look and feel of a christmas film.

What can you expect then? Well this is a pretty well trodden tale so you know what the story is but The Muppets team does a good job of telling it. There are few songs thrown in and some nice funny moments. I’m not a fan of musicals so I found those sequences a little distracting but I could see that they were very competently hewn.

The real star of the show is Michael Cain’s Ebeneezer Scrooge. That’s no mean feat considering he is up against some truly outstanding puppetry. It’s probably more impressive when you take into account that he plays it completely straight, in contrast to the flamboyant Muppets that he’s surrounded by.

One thing I did notice, that I had never noticed as a child, is how integral a part of the voice roster Frank Oz is. This is at once impressive but does have the down side of making it sound like Yoda is one of the puppeteers.

Overall this is a quality telling of A Christmas Carol and sure to put you in the right frame of mind to endure your family and the massive spike in protein intake.

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