THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 Tuesday 22 November, 2011

More of the same…but in a good way.

This is the third Tim Allen christmas film I’ve watched in under a week and I’m starting to mellow towards him. This film picks up a few years after the first film. Tim Allen’s character is now firmly ensconced in his North Pole operation and he has become the archetypal Coca Cola santa (see picture above).

Once again he has challenges to face about belief in Santa and this time he must face a dastardly foe also. The majority of the cast are the same and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) makes a welcome addition to the cast.

This is much the same tone as the first film only with much higher production values and much better vfx. It’s jolly and magic filled. This film probably has more of that magic feel than the first though but I suspect this is largely because they had more money this time around. This extra money might be something to do with the Coke-alike Santa and the McDonald’s take away which the family eat oh-so subtly.

I would probably avoid watching them back to back as both films have a similar kind of rhythm and that could seem a little boring if watched in quick succession.¬†When all’s said and done though this is a quality piece of christmas film and sure to get you reaching for your christmas stocking and leaving mince pies and sherry out on the 24th.


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