THE SANTA CLAUSE Sunday 20 November, 2011

Tim Allen. Fat suits. Christmas. Sounds awful, right?

I also had very low expectations for this film. Only the other day I saw Tim Allen in Christmas With The Kranks in which he was as awful as the rest of the film. So the prospect of another christmas film with him in was somewhat daunting.

I needn’t have worried though. This is exactly what a christmas film should be. Part redemption story, part magic, all spirit of christmas.

Tim Allen’s character is meant to be something of a jerk it works quite well. He’s supported, ably, by a strong, if not well known, cast. Judge Reinhold is acceptable as the rival boyfriend of the ex-wife. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with watching something where I’m not meant to like Judge Reinhold (“My name is Judge!”). I think I have such a string identification that he is a good guy that it bristled slightly to see him as an annoyance.

The special effects in this film are not of the highest order but I was enjoying it so much that it did not really matter.  There are a few laughs to be had and they even find time to make reference to Tim Allen’s Home Improvement role.

I was beginning to worry about what I had in store for me as I attempt to review all of these christmas films (I’m hoping 2 and 3 maintain the standard) but if there are a few more like this sprinkled in amongst the Jingle All The Ways and Christmas With The Krankses then I’ll be just fine.

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