ZELDA: PHANTOM HOURGLASS Saturday 08 October, 2011

You’d expect nothing less from a Zelda game but this is one of the few titles that actually justifies the existence of the Nintendo DS.

Many people will tell you what an amazing game this is. How the puzzles are great, the graphics are excellent, the story is pleasing, the gameplay is varied. Many people would be right but for me the most wonderful thing about this game has to be the control system.

In Phantom Hourglass Link is controlled simply by dragging the stylus across the touch screen. Sword attacks are dealt out with casual strokes of the stylus or by simply hitting your target with the stylus. Simple and incredibly intuitive. The fact that this is such an effective control system allows very little to get between the player and the game.  It’s not often you get to say that about a game you love.

It is further testament to the game design that such a simple control system allows such varied gameplay.  The second most wonderful thing about this game is the array of weapons (the hammer is probably my favourite).

The main quest will take a fair amount of time (largely because you have to repeat certain sections of the main dungeon at each stage of progress. I wasn’t that bothered by this although a friend was most nonplussed) but the added bonus of the little side quests was joyously received by yours truly.  I spent hours trying to find those fish.

One of the few games that I have finished and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve finished it three times now. Not sure I can give it any higher praise really. So go and pick up a copy.

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