Hip Hop isn’t all about being a gangster and this excellent album from Black Sheep shows gangsta rappers just how it should be done.

Dres and Mr Lawnge are the two halves of Black Sheep and in releasing A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing they gave the world one of the great debut albums.  An album so great that they have never managed to match it again.  Who cares though when your first album is so much better than the cumulative greatness of other artists output.

This album is cool. There is no getting away from it. Right from the off you know that these guys have a sense of humour. U Mean I’m not starts of sounding like that hardest of hard gangsta rap songs until you reach the end and Dres realises that he was having a dream that he was hard.  It’s also apparent that Dres is poking fun at gangsta rap when you scrutinise the excessively violent lyrics which describe his journey from bed to breakfast table. It’s a master stroke of genre awareness and very funny to boot.

This album is littered with fantastic beats (youngsters will probably recognise The Choice Is Yours from being sampled on club tunes).  I’ve heard mutterings that the album was produced by Ali Shahi Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest which would certainly explain the outstanding quality here. A level of quality that was sorely missed on the (very very difficult) second album.

Ulitmately this is album is the perfect mix of beats and rhymes with an added dose of humour.  This album sits along side the greats from the ‘golden age’ of hip hop and boy does it look relaxed sat there.

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