AMBIVALENCE AVENUE-BIBIO Thursday 03 November, 2011

You’ve heard Bibio before but you probably didn’t know.

Yes folks. The power of advertising has brought you good music and not told you who it was by. Lover’s Carvings from this album, is the track that accompanies that winsome Kindle advert. Don’t hold it against poor Bibio though. We’ve all got to make a living and if Amazon said they wanted to slather their shit advert in your song you’d most likely take their money too.

There’s a wonderfully homemade feel to this album. It feels like the songs have been lovingly crafted in a shed and then sent forth into the world to bring as joy. In many ways I’m reminded of Badly Drawn Boy. Only this is a badly drawn boy who grew up listening to jazz, funk and jazz-funk.

At times (Fire Ant) you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to a Dilla album. For those of you who are Dilla devotees you’ll know that that praise does not come cheaply. There are also faint whiffs of Boards of Canada’s blissed out electronic drone core.

There are a few other elements dashing around in Bibio’s melting pot but how much more do you want? I’ve already told you that it sounds like Badly Drawn Boy remixing a Boards of Canada cover version of a Dilla album. Wow. I’ll take two copies please. Maybe if you ask very nicely I’ll let you have one.

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