BEYOND THE SEA: MONSTER RALLY Saturday 20 October, 2012

The master of his own kingdom of psychedelic-tribal-hawaiian beats is back. Monster Rally is now serving, get it while it’s hot.

Last year I told you all how much I loved Monster Rally’s ‘Coral’ album. If you had any sense you’ll have rushed over to Bandcamp and downloaded it, fallen in love with it and heartily agreed with what I said. You probably didn’t though. Still, it’s never too late. Monster Rally hasn’t given up on winning you over. In fact he’s obviously adopted a certain Mantronix song as his mantra¬†because efforts have been stepped up with the release of ‘Beyond The Sea’.

This latest release shows an artist who is maturing and developing. An artist who is finding their own voice…even if no voices are actually present. Even though I adore ‘Coral’, Beyond The Sea is a far better album, I think I double adore it. On ‘Coral’ Monster Rally demonstrated an awareness of the hook and the sample that is lacking from most similar artists. With ‘Beyond The Sea’ he shows us that not only can he find little audio gems to turn into beat fragments but that he can now take those beat fragments and craft fully fledged and considered pieces of music. You only need to listen to the third track, ‘Honey’, for an instant understanding. ‘Honey’ bares all of the hallmark Monster Rally touches but it’s so much more than the sum of it’s parts. This is coherent beat making that some very famous (and obnoxiously wealthy) hip hop producers could only dream of.

All of the charm of ‘Coral’ is still here but it just feels more like an album of songs than a collection of cool beats. ‘Deep Sea’ is another example of Monster Rally’s progression. There’s a definite event arc on that track which wasn’t always apparent in earlier efforts.

If you haven’t yet discovered Monster Rally then you really are missing out. Go here¬†and rectify this situation immediately. You’ll be grateful you did when it starts popping up on adverts and all of you media-idiot friends start banging on about it like they’ve discovered a Higgs-Boson particle.

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