BRITISH WEATHER: LOCKSMITHS Tuesday 20 December, 2011

Yearning for some new UK hip hop? Proper stuff though? Yearn no more.

I’ve never heard of these guys before. You can download it for free from here. I have to thank @atribecalledrox¬†for tweeting about how funny the skits on this mixtape are. I’ve got be honest I held out very little hope about the quality of this mixtape and I don’t think I’ve found album skits funny since I was about 14 (1992!).

Shockingly this mixtape is very high quality and I have to admit that the skits did make me laugh. Startling stuff, right? This is a concept mixtape. Apparently they tried some different styles on here to mirror the unpredictably of the British Weather. I was initially a bit suspicious of the things that weren’t straight up hip hop but when viewed as a whole it works quite nicely.

These guys are good emcees. The beats are harsh and or tasty as required (I think these are all covers although, rather shamefully, I have no idea where they come from). According to something they say in the skits they released an earlier mixtape which was cover version of 90s hip hop (?) I think. I’ve downloaded it but I’ve yet to listen it. I’m quite excited about it though just because of the quality on show with this release.

I’m reminded a little of Mello when he went crazy and a little bit of Skitz’s Fingerprints of The Gods so if you liked that stuff you’ll probably be at home here.

If you find yourself just listening to Gangster Chronicle and The Horns of Jericho over and over again download this now and enjoy.

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