BUTTER: HUDSON MOHAWKE Friday 28 October, 2011

You probably didn’t know that you were hankering after some Glaswegian-Neon-Hip-Hop…but you are.

I know that the maxim tells us that we should never judge a book by it’s cover.  Is the same true of albums? I suspect that the same rule applies. I guess for every rule there must be an exception.

Take a moment to cast your eye over the artwork of this album and you’ll find some garish punk creatures (lizards and eagles) and a hipppo showing amazing jaw dexterity. Splashed across the front of this cover are the words “Hudson Mohawke” in a font that makes it look like it should have been on Madonna’s t-shirt in the ‘Get Into The Groove’ video. This is all set against a super-colour-clashing background. The point is that this is pretty much what the music looks like. Garish, mismatched, brassy, mad and amazing fun.

This album is infused with a real sense of fun and energy. It’s mainly instrumental. It sounds like somebody gave DJ Premier a sack of amphetamine paste and then spiked him with a couple of microdots. This is crazy hip-hop production. If I was going to do a hip-hop Alice In Wonderland I would ask ‘Hudmo’ to do the score…and it would be much better than The Wiz!

For it is really through the looking glass. In the same way that El-P’s production often seems disjointed until closer inspection Hudmo pulls of the same Trykk (haha – track 4).  There seems to be a large 80s influence lots of spangles and sparkles that were smeared all over 80s production also appear here.  In Hudmo’s hands though, that 80s sparkle is lent much more punch.

Initially it may seem like the output of a mad man with a sampler and it still will seem that way after many listens.  What will have changed though is that you will have fallen in love with it.  Hudson Mohawke is creating an army of Glaswegian-Neon-Hip-Hop fans. Tell me where I enlist.


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