DAILY OPERATION: GANG STARR Wednesday 18 April, 2012

Making amazing albums was really as a commonplace as a Daily Operation for Gang Starr and this album is no exception.

It’s a tough call but this album probably just pips the others to being my favourite Gang Starr album. Released in 1992 and coming just one year after the equally brilliant Step In The Arena, Daily Operation saw Gang Starr establish themselves as part of Hip Hop’s aristocracy.

From start to finish this album is of amazingly high quality. The late Guru’s voice and flow are assured and measured and DJ Premier’s production is just breathtaking at times. This is also the album that brought Jeru The Damaja to our attention. He appears on I’m The Man along with Group Home and it’s instantly apparent that you’ve introduced to a rapping genius.

Mingling in amongst the superb tracks are lots of little musical interludes. If you’re a fan of Dilla and his Donuts then you’ll love these little breaks. ┬áIn fact some of those tracks are amongst my favourite pieces of music ever.

This is an album released toward the end of the golden age and it’s probably near the pinnacle of achievement from that period. This was considered to be the height of sophisticated hip hop at the time and it still stands up as a solid example of the artform. My friend went on holiday to the states and brought me back a copy of this when it was released in ’92. I have to be honest I wasn’t overly keen on the whole album at the time. I now put this down to the fact that I was 13 and my musical palate was still too underdeveloped to appreciate how special this album is.

If you want to see how proper hip hop should be done then there are few better places for you to start your journey. It’s also highly likely that by the time you finish your journey through the world of hip hop then this will still be standing proud as a favourite in your collection.


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