DJ Z-TRIP & DJ P: UNEASY LISTENING Thursday 13 October, 2011

Many years ago The Beatles invited us to roll up for a Magical Mystery Tour. I don’t think that they would have realised at the time that the magical mystery tour that they would be part of would be a stunning hip hop mix CD by a guy from Arizona.

They probably wouldn’t have know that they should be very happy to be involved but they should.

Uneasy listening is a near faultless journey through a very good record collection. The few places where it slips up (key clashes anybody?) are instantly forgiven just for the sheer ambition of the set. In fact I feel a tad churlish and mean for even mentioning that the small imperfections here.  It is perhaps ungrateful of me to pick up on these things when as a whole this CD has given me more pleasure than most in my collection.

According to the oracle (wikipedia…of course) only one thousand copies of the album were pressed.  I have to imagine that this was because there is no way you could get clearance to use all of this music on a mix CD (The Beatles are on here!). However, thanks to the wonder of the internet and CD copying many of us managed to get our grubby little mitts on a copy. I myself got a counterfeit copy from an eBay seller.  You’ll have almost no chance of getting a real copy without proffering an internal organ or two…and we’re talking heart or brain here, not a mere kidney or bone marrow!

I think I got this album when I was studying for my art foundation at an FE college in a new town in Essex and for a period of our studies this was the soundtrack of the studio. The wide pallet of music which is mixed in together here ensures that nobody is unhappy for too long and most people are enjoying it all the time.

There are some amazing mash-ups here (and don’t forget this album is from 2001 when the mash up was not ten a penny) and I won’t ruin the surprises in store but by the time you’ve heard Rhinestone B-Boy most of you will know you’re in for a treat.

This album is ambrosia for those of us who have a real open mind for music.  Track down a copy by hook or by crook and get ready to really love music.

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