EYELID MOVIES: PHANTOGRAM Wednesday 02 November, 2011

This feels like the younger sibling of an indie album from the mid 90’s. It’s taken those ideas and given them a lick of new paint and I love it.

I’ve never heard of Phantogram anywhere before. I only heard about them by tracking another artist down and poking around the label website. The label I was investigating is Ghostly International (which has a fabulous pac-man-ghost style logo) and it’s worth having a look at them. Perhaps all of you have heard of Phantogram and they may well be very famous but I hadn’t ever heard of them.

Phantogram are Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter who hail from Saratoga and make music that sounds like St Etienne working with a good hip hop producer on a Vangelis cover album.

The main bulk of the album is built on the strong foundations of some nice hip hop beats. The constructs that sit atop these foundations though are not in the hip hop tradition at all though.  I think the closest indie band would be early doves with a female singer as well.

The tone of the album is varied and all the better for it. If you like mid 90’s indie and have even a mild interest in hip hop then I can heartily recommend this album. Give it a few listens and I reckon you’ll have a friend for life.

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