GENERATION Y: DEVON HENDRYX Monday 14 November, 2011

Hipster Hop of the highest order.

You, almost certainly, have not heard of DeVon Hendryx. I only know about him because he tweeted a link to his bandcamp page to me. It’s a shame that none of us have heard of him but we’ve all probably heard of (insert generic pop rapper here). This guy is talented. His lyrics are funny, culturally aware and very tongue in cheek. He’s angry but he’s not sure if he can be bothered to be angry except when it comes to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Just like the rest of us then, really.

I’m not sure who produces the music on this album but they’ve done a great job. It displays an awareness of golden age hip hop and of the wider world of music. The samples on this album come from a broad range of music and are used in artfully constructed songs. The sorely missed Guru once told us it was all about the voice and DeVon has got a very listenable voice and at times it hints at hidden melodic capabilities.

For me it seems that this guy has a long and successful career ahead of him. Unfortunately for him, most of the artists that I love attain only modest commercial success but accrue a hardcore underground cult following. Sorry DeVon, it’s like you said “wanna sell records? Gotta make garbage”. For purely selfish reasons I would implore you to carry on what you’re doing though.

The most amazing thing about this album is that it won’t cost you anything from here. Funny, sharp, biting, great beats and culturally aware Generation Y deserves a space on your pocket sized electronic listening device and on the electronic listening devices of everybody else too.

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