GOOD EVENING: NITE JEWEL Saturday 04 February, 2012

Proper Nostalgia-core.

If you went and stood in the sunshine and then put on some rose tinted spectacles and then looked back at the 1980s and then made some music you might come quite close to sounding like Nite Jewel. Nite Jewel, or Ramona Gonzalez to her husband, is a singer songwriter from LA. I’ve put her in my special made up genre called Nostalgia-core, alongside Neon Indian and Washed Out. I’m not too sure any of them would be that happy but hey, it’s my genre and I’ll cry if I want to.

Musically this album is lo-fi. It sounds like it’s recorded on very basic equipment. It sounds wonderful. It’s mainly keyboards and drum machines. It’s all very spongy though. There are very few hard edges, aside from the drums. Everything seems sonically blurry. Even her voice. I have no idea what Nite Jewel is like as a person but her music makes me think that she is Miranda July’s character in ‘Me, You and Everyone We Know’. Nite Jewel’s vocals are obscured by reverb and being set back in the mix. I have literally no idea what she is singing about. It’s all very ethereal sounding. It’s like Enya started doing Nostalgia-core. Awesome.

What could be better than clannad doing a sonically blurry version of 1980s keyboard pop and recording it on an 8track? Not chuffing much is what. Buy Good Evening by Nite Jewel and get some proper Nostalgia-core pinging around inside your headspace.

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