HIP HOP & LOVE TOUR MIXTAPE Monday 19 December, 2011

High quality hip hop sampler.

This mixtape is available free from here. If you like hip hop, stop reading what I’ve written and go and download it before they realise how silly they’ve been.

See? It’s very good isn’t it? Yes this is the official compilation/sampler of a nationwide hip hop tour that seems to have taken place in the US in 2011. The tour roster features a load of artists that I’ve never heard of before and MURS. I have heard of MURS and I’m a big fan which is why I downloaded the mixtape.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that it’s the other artist who really impress here. McKenzie Eddy is very very good. If I was being paid to write this, say if I worked for a national newspaper and I was really lazy, I might say that she is trying to make a career out of copying Dido’s performance on ‘Stan’. Like I said though, I’d only say that if I was being lazy.

Unlike Dido, McKenzie Eddy has a lovely voice she’s also quite interesting lyrically. I think I’m happier to say that she is like Suzanne Vega if she had liked hip hop. I’m expecting great things from her. I’ve downloaded her ‘mixtapes’ and I’ll let you know if they’re any good. A measure of how good she is is that I don’t like singing over hip hop beats unless the singer is called Beth or Martina and I still liked her songs. When she asked “have you lost your mother-fucking mind?” on ‘What a Life?’ it made me shiver.

That’s not to say she’s the only good thing here. There is quality in whichever direction you skip from track to track. ‘Parachute’ by Tabi Bonney is surprisingly infectious as is ‘High Score’ by Da$h. It all flows quite nicely too.

You could do a lot worse than spending absolutely nothing on this very solid mixtape.


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