JOURNEY TO FREEDOM: DE DE MOUSE Thursday 22 December, 2011

Mental Japanese DrumandBass-alism.

I’m not entirely sure that this is J-Pop but I’d quite like to call it that. It’s melodically very Japanese. If you’re familiar with Japanese computer games or Japanese cartoons then you’ll recognise the melodic structures at play here.

I’m not entirely sure how I found out about Mr Mouse but I’m glad I did. This album is almost guaranteed to make you feel happy…that is, of course, if you like D ‘n’ B and electronic music in general. It’s a bit of a mix of styles but I’d have to place in amongst D ‘n’ B although that categorisation is a bit blunt.

It does sound like the soundtrack to a Final Fantasy game but hey, I loved the music in Final Fantasy games. There is something very cheery about the Japanese melodies. I might even describe it as nostalgic and sentimental. It’s syrupy sweet and it’s therefore quite unusual for me to like it but I do.

I think De De Mouse is primarily a keyboard player and this comes through in the music which has very strong lead keyboard lines. Most of the songs also seem to have the sampled voices of children layered into the mix. They sound like nonsensical vocal stabs to me but I don’t speak Japanese so they may actually be saying something of great import but I wouldn’t know.

If you need cheering up or a little bit of an energy boost in order to perform an onerous task you could do a lot worse than whacking this on, very very loudly.

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