Indie-Alt-Rock-Americana-Electronica. Hurrah!

I think I bought this album because it was part of a promotion on iTunes and it was a fiver. I knew nothing about the band at the time and up until I sat down to write this I still knew nothing about the band. Well, almost nothing. I did know that they were capable of writing a superb album and that hardly anybody knew about them.

According to The Oracle (Wikipedia) Seventeen Evergreen are a San Franciscan based duo which “stylistically weaves psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation”. There you are then. That’s probably about right, to be honest. What does that actually mean though. Not a great deal really you could quite acceptably describe Kasabian in the same way…if you’d tired of calling them an annoying bunch of shit pillows.

I think a more useful way of describing them might be to say that they are like an American Super Furry Animals. Although they are much more chilled out. they sound a bit like Grandaddy. Imagine that Lambchop thought they were Goldfrapp. There you go. That’s probably not helped you at all but I feel a lot better about things and that’s what really matters, isn’t it? Oh. Ok. I didn’t realise you’d feel so strongly about it.

I think everybody that likes music should give this album a try. It’s inoffensive at worst and blummin’ lovely at best. Also it’s got a great title and cover. Sold? You should be and so should the album.

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