LINCOLN WAY NIGHTS: STALLEY Thursday 17 November, 2011

Not entirely sure what he’s saying but the music is telling me to get up off of my arse and do some mid living room head nodding.

In the US of A there is a man called Stalley who has a very very big beard. He is a rapper and he has very expertly made a mixtape (which seems to be what albums are called these days) called Lincoln Way Nights. He has also very kindly allowed you and I to download this mixtape for free from here. It would be more than rude for you to ignore his kindness and not go and download this albu…er…mixtape.

According to The Oracle (Wikipedia), Lincoln Way Nights is about a night out on Mr Stalley’s favourite road. To be honest I have no idea what he’s talking about at the moment. What I can tell you is that this is musically awesome. It’s smooth but not so smooth as to be lame. It’s got punch but not so much punch as to be too intense. In short this is the kind of music that’s going to make any task enjoyable.

I had not planned to write about it yet but I was listening to it while I wrote some other reviews and realised that I was really enjoying it and needed you all to know about it straight away.

I think this will become an album soon enough and you’ll have to pay for it if you don’t download it now. It’s only right and proper that Mr Stalley and his producers get some cash for this. It’s ready and waiting to become one the favourites in your collection. Download it now and get ready to do some living room head nodding with the best of them.

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