LIVE LOVE ASAP: ASAP ROCKY Monday 07 November, 2011

Melodic Hip Hop, it’s gangster and it’s free!

You might not have heard of ASAP Rocky yet. You have an excellent chance to do so for no money, right now. His mixtape (album) is available for free download (here).

Initially I thought that this wasn’t for me. It’s seems to be a little lethargic upon the first listen. What is instantly apparent though is that this album is infused with melody (check out Demons).  It’s unusual for hip hop to be this melodic without slipping into the (shudder) territory of pop music. If there was a danger that we were sliding into pop here Mr Rocky makes sure that his lyrics will not allow that.  This album is seriously bass laden too. It’s a lovely feeling to feel this bass rumbling through your chest…not sure your neighbours will agree though.

The subjects covered here are pretty standard fare but don’t let that make you think it’s uninteresting. ASAP Rocky has an excellent turn of phrase and he’s blessed with one of those ear-catching voices. We can only imagine that great things lie ahead for Mr Rock. Apparently Sony/RCA have signed him on a $3million contract already and it’s not really a surprise to hear that having heard this.

Once you’ve all listened to it you can explain what ‘trill’ means.  As far as I knew it was a musical term or bird food and I don’t think he’s talking about those things.

Excellent production, great voice, some catch rhymes and all for no money. What are you waiting for? Better go get it! Then get ready to listen to Palace very loud very often.

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