LOST: COOL CALM PETE Monday 16 April, 2012

Cool Calm Pete gives you a widely overlooked gem of an album.

Not much is known about Cool Calm Pete. His Wikipedia entry tells us that he was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Queens, New York. As far as I know he has only released this album. Which is a shame. The multi-millionaire ‘hip hop’ stars of today could do with listening to this and then promising not to sully our ears with their shoddy product again.

This albums is distinctly east coast in it’s sound. Fans of Edan and early Beastie Boys will be more than happy to let Cool Calm Pete take an hour or so of their time. In fact this album is everything that is good about hip hop. Great production and great lyrical flows. Pete has a fantastic voice for rapping and his laconic style adds real flavour to his tracks. That’s not to say that he can’t step up with more up-tempo styles WindSprints sees Pete take on a few verses that Percee P would be happy with.

Musically this album is gorgeous. There are some wonderful beats here. I think that Pete is responsible for the production here, hence the Edan comparison. I think he’s approaching (but not quite reaching) the eclectic beat pallet of Madlib’s Madvillainy effort.

Craving some decent hip hop? Do yourself a favour and get Lost in Cool Calm Pete’s on and only album.


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