MING STAR: KING OF WOOLWORTHS Monday 30 January, 2012

Trip-Hop/Electronica that sounds like it might have been on an O2 advert.

Don’t let the fact that it might have been on an advert put you off. This album is electronica at it’s best. It’s cinematic and varied in tone. Bakerloo is a wonderfully contemplative piece of music…and may have helped sell you a mobile phone. At times the King (Of Woolworths) strays into Prodigy/Chemical Brothers territory but I think we can forgive him that, the rest of the album more than makes up for it.

In my head I want to describe it as what would happen if Boards of Canada weren’t such weird outsiders and they wanted to make commercial music. That’s probably a little unfair to both parties but I am a lazy man so they’ll have to live with it.

King of Woolworths is an Alias of Jon Brooks and as far as I’m aware he only made two albums as the King. This album is one of the better examples of trip-hop/electronica so if you’re looking for some of that stuff go get it.


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