POWER SUPPLY: ANAMANAGUCHI Friday 20 January, 2012

Remember the first Nintendo you had? The NES? Anamanaguchi remember even if you don’t.

Anamanaguchi describe themselves as a punk band. I think they mean in the moderns sense of the word punk…so not really punk but they might have listened to The Clash once. Let’s not let semantics distract us from the matter in hand though.

This album is a high energy melody fest. The key thing that separates Anamanaguchi from the herd is that their lead instrument appears to be the sounds board of a Nintendo Entertainment System. It sounds like they have a couple of guitars as embellishment but the main bulk of the sound is carried by the NES. Those of you that spent hours and hours moving blocky crap from one side of the screen to the other on the NES will find these sounds all too familiar.

It’s like the audio palette that the NES allows has a direct to the nostalgia of your childhood. Anamanaguch will take you straight back there with this album. Luckily that’s not their only trick. These chaps know how to write a catchy melody. It’s all quite high tempo, high energy stuff and it’s very enjoyable.

This album is available as a free download from here. Get it downloaded and get it in your ears quicksmart.

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