SKULLTASTE: MUX MOOL Saturday 21 January, 2012

Buying disaster turns into electronic triumph.

I discovered this album when I was looking at the website of the label who published it (Ghostly International). I bought it straight away. It arrived. I listened to it. I hated it. I waited a while. I listened to it again. I hated it even more. I waited even longer. I listened to it again. I found it tolerable. I listened to it the next day. I liked it.

As with so many albums that I didn’t like at first I have grown to love this album. I’d never heard of Mux Mool before I visited the website. I still have no idea who it is and nor do I care to find out. The important thing is that they made this album.

The album itself is a bit of house, a bit of hip-hop-esque beatmongery and some stuff inbetween. It’s almost like Justice on a large dose of ketamine occasionally doing a line or two. It’s got that weird french melodic thing going on. There are also lots of bleepy things for bleep fans. The last track has got a beautiful piano break on it.

If you like electronic/sample based music you could do a lot worse than giving this a whirl just don’t expect to like it straight away.

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