After the amazing Generation Y and Joechillworld DéVon is back with a mammoth offering…he’s “poison like ricin”.

The Rockwood Escape plan is the latest offering from DéVon Hendryx and it seems like he’s having problems. In Generation Y and Joechillworld the anger was tempered by a super-cynical and razor sharp sense of humour. It seems like those days are over though. On this album DéVon is just plain angry. Musically it’s a little bit of a departure too it’s no longer a happy place inside DéVon’s head and this is reflected in the music. It’s far more industrial and experimental than earlier offerings. As with any experiments sometimes they are successful and sometimes they are not. That’s certainly the case here. Although that is not meant as a criticism. You have to experiment to find something good and DéVon achieves that on many occasions here. Most notably in tricking us all into loving S CLUB 7!!! Where there are some things that don’t necessarily there are also some things which are amazing. It feels like DéVon has been listening to a lot of glitch,IDM and Super Nintendo it’s nice to see all of things reflected in the music. Imagine Boards of Canada doing a hip hop album. Almost like Clouddead but without the silly voices.

Without the levity which was offered by earlier albums this album can be quite a challenge to listen to in one sitting. It weighs in at 1.5 hours which is always going to cause difficulty. The main issue I have with the album is that it is so bleak for so long. That’s a personal taste thing though and it could be because of my own frame of mind. I would certainly recommend everybody to listen to it because this guy is in possession of real talent. Just be warned that you might need to cherry pick tracks to listen to before you can comfortably navigate your way through the album in one sitting.

DéVon sent me the album a while ago but I’ve dragged my heels in writing about it. This is mainly because I’ve had a mental episode recently but also because it’s such a dense and impenetrable album that I found it difficult to form an opinion. You can download the album for free here and see for yourself.

Whether he’s referencing Street Fighter, giving props to S CLUB 7, name-checking androgynous models in song titles or porn sampling you can never accuse DéVon of not putting his all into the music. It’s to his great credit that he handles the mic and the beats with a finesse that most could only dream of. I look forward to hearing more from him…I just hope something happens to improve his mood.


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