NEBULOUS Tuesday 15 November, 2011

Awesome sci-fi radio comedy that will have you laughing…”to death”.

Unless you’re as much of a friendless shut-in as I am, it is unlikely that you will have ever crossed paths with this gem of a radio comedy, starring (the annoyingly versatile) Mark Gatiss as the titular Professor Nebulous. You’ve had three series to become acquainted with it’s delights but The BBC has done a bang up job of hiding this show away from prying ears. I’m hoping that that is because they want to make it into a TV series and if you’ve already heard the radio show it might rob the thrill of the new. I suspect, however, it’s just because they spend all of their money on sequins for Saturday nights (yawn).

Nebulous is set in a post apocalyptic future and allows us to follow a government depart call K.E.N.T. (Key Environmental Non-judgmental Taskforce) as they deal with various national crises…and laundry. Nebulous himself is a fallen genius and he is accompanied by a very funny team as he battles against aliens, natural phenomena and his arch enemy Dr Klench (brilliantly played by David Warner).

Although all of the performances in this show are delightful the real star here is the writing. There has not been a sci-fi comedy which is so inventive and yet so funny since Red Dwarf. I think I might go as far as saying that the writing here might even trounce that bastion of sci-fi comedy. Graham Duff (who also stars as Rory Lawson, a hilarious member of Nebulous’ team) deserves much more credit than he has received for creating such a rich world.

You should be able to locate a CD of this series but if not keep an eye on the BBC radio websites because it does get an occasional repeat (in secret of course). I’d advise you not to listen to this on your morning commute though because you might look a little crazy laughing so much on public transport.

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