CARL SAGAN’S COSMOS Thursday 19 January, 2012

Brian Cox? Pah. This is the real deal of understanding the universe.

In my mind Brian Cox’s programmes are a bit too fluffy. There’s a bit too much emphasis on pretty pictures and floppy haircuts and not quite enough emphasis on hard facts being shoved into my eyes and ears. I’m also a little bit queasy about forgiving Brian Cox for being involved in D:REAM.

It’s probably a bit unkind of me to watch Brian Cox’s programmes when you consider that I have already watched Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. This series is surely one of the best science series ever made. It is almost completely at the opposite end of the pretty pictures to hard knowledge scale. That’s not to say that there aren’t any pretty pictures. It’s just that the hard knowledge count is much, much higher. Each of the episodes in this series is so dense with facts that you’ll unlikely be able to absorb it all with one sitting. I am still watching them and trying to digest all of the yummy knowledge morsels.

There is one slight drawback though. The styling of these programmes has not aged well and Carl Sagan himself has a quite unusual delivery style. Neither of these factors make the series impenetrable but they will take some getting used to.

If you’re interested in science, history and the universe you’ll absolutely love throwing yourself into these programmes again and again and you’ll still come up for air understanding something new each time. Just make sure you can handle looking at roll-necks and flares.

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  • Leena Shalloe says:

    Is’t there a likelihood, however, that Brian Cox’s absolutes are more up-to-date than Carl Sagan’s?!

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