EASTBOUND & DOWN SERIES 1 Tuesday 03 January, 2012

Danny McBride. Like him? If not then you’re going to hate this.

In Eastbound & Down Danny McBride plays Kenny Powers, a self-destructive and burned out baseball player. Having reached the pinnacle of the baseball world (when I say world, I mean America) he crashes back to the bottom and finds himself unable to get a place on any team and living with his older brother.

If you liked films like Talladega Nights, Your Highness, Pineapple Express and their ilk then you’ll love this. Danny McBride is expert at playing those characters that have a mixture of incredible self belief and a lack of self awareness that allows them to maintain that self belief. He can be a bit grating but he is funny so it’s worth sticking with it.

This first series plays like a 3 hour movie if watched back to back. Look out for a great cameo by Will Ferrell and some hilarious Jet Ski-ing.

Silly, immature and crude. I loved it.

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