Arrested Development Wednesday 21 September, 2011

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Surprisingly good producer of TV comedy. If only the Americans themselves had appreciated just how good Arrested Development really was.

For the first two thirds of my life  the only thing funny about American TV comedy shows was just how very terrible they were.  At that time I never thought that in later life I would find myself writing that one of my favourite comedy shows is American.  I would also probably have laughed in your face if you’d told me that I would wholeheartedly believe it.

Arrested Development is one of the sharpest pieces of comedy writing that I have ever been witness too.  It targets your funny bone from a variety of directions; base comedy, high comedy, if it’s funny it’s in the show.

At first viewing it probably feels a little bewildering but the more you watch the more reward on offer.  I have now watched each episode many times and what has become apparent is the labrynthine nature of the structure.  The show does comedic call forwards as well as call backs. There are gags in the show that might not mean anything until a later episode which is startling from a US network show.

Alas, this is probably one of the reasons that it was axed halfway through the run of it’s third series.  A tragic decision which actually causes me to feel sadness even now.

It might be a rather crude description but I remember once thinking that it was almost like a live action ‘The Simpsons’ but with a much more dysfunctional family.

Even though the show did not achieve the commercial success it undoubtedly deserved certain people noticed it’s greatness and you’ll notice that a few of the faces from the show are now significantly more famous than the show that launched and re-launched them.

Get hold of the DVDs, let the bewilderment wash over you and get ready to laugh until you hurt.

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  • Brown says:

    It has taken me many years to actually watch this series, but find myself in agreement with you! Now if only America could produce sitcoms of this calibre as standard instead of re-cycling “friends” every year with increasingly annoying stereotypes.

  • geekspeller says:

    You mean to say that you don’t like friends? haha haha haha

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