THE THICK OF IT Saturday 24 September, 2011

The programme that has done more to make my generation interested in politics than any other.

It would be inaccurate to describe this biting satire as abrasive.  The writing on display here is so sharp that it’s quite surprising to find you still have ears by the time each episode ends.  Set in the corridors of (very little) power in westminster this comedy seems like it will be very dull when you read the synopsis.  With that in mind I’ll skip the synopsis and just talk about why this is so fantastic.

The characters of The Thick Of It are a parade of incompetents trying to navigate impossible situations under the watchful eye of Peter Capaldi’s terrifying spin doctor Malcolm Tucker.  You will hear some of the most wonderfully lyrical swearing.  This programme raises the bar for insulting people. If, like me, you are somewhat curmudgeonly then you will sit in awe of the zesty vitriol on display here.

Aside from all of the wonderful swearing it’s difficult to imagine that westminster is that far removed from what we see on the screen here.  I, for one, have found real life politics more interesting since I fell in love with this series and that can’t be a bad thing.

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  • craylandia says:

    Have you seen Ed Bollocks playing Football ?

    Worthy of some Tuckerism.

    • geekspeller says:

      No…I don’t think I can afford the psychiatry fees for those kind of viewing shenanigans.

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