FORBRYDELSEN 2 Sunday 01 January, 2012

Sequels are always shit. Right? WRONG!

Sarah Lund (still played by the mysteriously attractive Sophie Grabøl) is back. Yes, the seemingly interminable Forbrydelsen is back for another series only this time it’s much more…terminable.

The original series stood at an eye-straining twenty hours. This, the second series, is a much more manageable ten hours. It perhaps because of this, much shorter duration, that a lot of the first series’ failings have disappeared. Gone are the endless string of dead ends and people who suddenly realise, after six weeks of pondering, that the fact that they put their penis inside the murder victim two minutes before death might be important to the investigation. This series is a much leaner beast and it is all the more enjoyable for it.

On nearly every front this series is much more enjoyable than the first. The blend of politics and police investigation is intriguing instead of preposterous and laborious. Sarah Lund is less Mystic Meg and more Lester Freamon this time around. It’s much clearer to see why she is following the paths of her investigation this time around.

Given that race and racism has played a large part in both series I wonder if this is something of a hot potato, politically, in Denmark. Although this series is less about the irrational hatred of immigrants and more about religious prejudices.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series of Forbrydelsen, so much so that I watched all ten hours in one sitting. I think it will make more sense if you have watched the first series but I don’t think that that is entirely necessary. Look out for repeats on the Beeb or buy it on DVD just make sure you watch it.


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